Executive board

The Executive Board works diligently to orchestrate a safe space for professionals of color and develop programming that will benefit members socially, professionally, financially, and intellectually.


communications & marketing

The Communications & Marketing Committee serves as a bridge between current and prospective new members of New York Black Professionals. The social media channels are assigned to individual team reporting into a manager. All Social Media Managers report into the Director of Communications & Public Relations.

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Programming & workshops

The Programming & Workshops committee works closely with Membership Development to organize workshops, seminars, and training events that improve quality of life for professionals of color and help them to grow in their careers.


membership development

The goal of Membership Development is largely based on service. No member is just a number. To serve on this committee one must be prepared to speak with many people individually, build strong relationships, be a great listener, survey interests & needs, and leverage basic analytical skills.

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social enlightenment

The Social Enlightenment Committee focuses on issues that directly impact people of color throughout the African - Diaspora. Each year and each fiscal quarter, the Social Enlightenment Committee works closely with both the Membership Development Committee and the Programs & Workshops Committee to creative initiatives that break down social barriers and build bridges within the Black Community as well as within the community of New York Black Professionals.  

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Events & Outreach

Throughout the year the Events Committee helps to create great social experiences and ventures for members of New York Black Professionals. There is plenty of room to on board! Volunteers help with planning, research, set up, administration, and take down.