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cost: $475 total



As part of the Weekend Ski Package, attendees can expect enrollment in a premium traveler's insurance plan. There is no extra cost for the plan outside of the ski package. The traveler's insurance will cover lost or stolen items, as well, emergency medical expenses, and cost to refund attendees if the trip is cancelled.


Attendees will enjoy a one-night stay at the hotel's resort which is located close to the slopes. The resort includes access to the hot tub. Single and Multi-Occupancy accommodations will be selected by the attendees at registration. You may also apply for a room mate at registration.


A chartered coach bus will provide round trip transportation to and from the resort.

  • NOTE: If you miss the bus you will be responsible for your own transportation. You will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Free Coffee & Bagels will be served on the bus.
  • Free sandwiches and Beer/Hard Apple Cider/Water will be served on the bus.


Top of the line performance equipment (for Skiing) will be provided to all attendees.

  • Coach bus attendees will handle all equipment when boarding and loading to prevent liability obligations to attendees.
  • Rentals include Helmet, Poles, and Skis.


No need to go shopping. Attendees will also be provided with top of the line performance gear.

  • Includes Ski Coat, Pants, Goggles, Boots, and Gloves.


Prior to hitting the beginner slopes all attendees will participate in a group adult lesson. This is not only a package feature, it is a requirement.

  • NOTE: Attendees experience level will range from novice to beginner and we want to ensure a fun experience for everyone. 

SNOW TUBING & Activities

What's almost as fun as learning to ski? Well Snow tubing of course! As soon as we step foot in Vermont we will spend the remainder of the afternoon snow tubing before warming up at the Hot Tub Party.


New York Black Professionals & the SKI Weekend Trip

As a network, New York Black Professionals (N.Y.B.P.) strives to develop unity among people of color within the Greater New York Area. Throughout the year workshops and networking mixers are held to further community initiatives. Breaking stereotypes is important, too often people of color are confronted with stereotypes that suggest we do not travel or participate in recreational activities. Let's all come together and collectively show that Black Excellence Knows No Boundaries!



Saturday January 20th, 2018 - Conference Call (Deposit Required for Invite)

* Official PDF Brochure will be sent after 2nd payment*

February 7th, 2018 - All Payments Due

February 8th, 2018 - Meet & Greet Mixer 

February 17th, 2018 - Depart from NYC

  • Arrive in VT Late Afternoon Day 1
    • Group Photo 
    • Settle in Hotel Rooms
    • Snow Tubing
    • Dinner & Mingling
    • Hot Tub Party!!!

February 18th, 2018 - Wake Up in VT

  • VT Day 2
    • Breakfast (Optional)
    • Afternoon Group Lesson
    • Ski Time!!!
    • Lunch
    • Check Out & Departure
    • Arrive in NYC Early Evening



FAQ & Answers


  • Q: How does payment work?
    • A: The total cost for the package is $475
      • Down Payment $175
      • Second Payment $150
      • Third Payment $150
  • Q: This trip seems really expensive. Can I get a discount?
    • A: Pricing is non-negotiable. Pricing has been based on the exact costs of all package features. This means that even New York Black Professionals organizers will pay the same price.
  •  Q:What if I rent a place in Vermont and try to meet up with you N.Y.B.P. people?
    • A: That is not permitted. The resort and transportation vendors have partnered with New York Black Professionals to provide a discounted group rate for all attendees. Visitors to the resort will pay the standard rate. Per the group insurance, outside visitors present a serious liability for the organization. 
  • Q: How do I RSVP for the Conference Call on Jan. 20th, 2018? 
    • A: Everyone that pays the down payment will receive an email within 4 business days of their purchase.
  • Q:  I don't know how to ski. Should I still go? 
    • A: Yes. Adult Lessons will be provided to everyone.
  • Q: I'm coming by myself. Is that okay? 
    • A: Yes. Most attendees will be coming as individuals, which will be a great opportunity to make new friends. If you need a room mate simply fill out the room mate request form and we will match you with someone.
  • Q: I'm bringing friends. How many people to a room? 
    • A: Lodging will accommodate up to 6 people to a room comfortably. Unless you are a couple Co-Ed lodging is not allowed. 
  •  Q: What is the structure of the Guest Lodging?
    • A: Rooms are based on Single, Double, and Multiple Occupancy
    • A: All attendees are assigned to single beds
    • A: If you are bringing friends they must first make a deposit in order to be assigned to a room
      • After deposit has cleared you can send your friends name to the organizer
    • A: If you are coming alone, upon registration you will fill out a room request and be matched
      • You will receive an email the day you are matched with details and your room mate will receive details about you
      • You can meet your room mate at the pre-event mixer
    • A: Details about your room will be emailed to you in a brochure PDF. after completing the 2nd payment
    • A: Attendees will be directed to their rooms on the day of check in upon arrival
  • Q: Do I need to pay for anything else outside of my package? 
    • A: Yes. On Day One, Attendees will pay for their own dinner. On Day Two, attendees will pay for their own breakfast & lunch
  • Q: What should I pack for the weekend trip? 
    • A: We recommend...
      • Two warm sweaters that you already own
      • Two pairs of jeans that you already own
      • Thermals or Leggings
      • 2 Pairs of socks
      • Underwear
      • 1 Swim Suit for the Hot Tub Party
      • Soap or Shower Gel + Wash Cloth
      • Tooth Brush
      • Face Cloth
      • Pajamas (Please don't sleep naked)
      • A hat (basic sweater cap. Most dollar stores sell these)